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Welcome Dcljr! If you need any help, English is welcome on my talk page here, and I'll try my best to help. Texugo (discussão) 11h29min de 28 de Janeiro de 2013 (UTC)


Hi there. Sorry, I probably should have asked you first, but could you please remove or comment out that template call? I'm trying to clear things out of Especial:Predefinições pedidas (Special:Wanted templates). Since it's not doing anything anyway, would you mind terribly? Texugo (discussão) 03h16min de 14 de março de 2013 (UTC)

Or you could just create the template. As you can see at various other wikis where the template exists, there is actually no working code involved, it's just an "empty" template (apart from any documentation, categories, etc., you want to add to it — but of course these are optional). The only thing it does is be there in the page source for bots that look for it. I don't know if commenting it out (or "nowiki"ing it, for that matter) would still allow it to work or not... Probably... But regardless, the template actually exists (in its way) on many different Wikimedia wikis, so more people will probably want to use it (and/or create it) here in the future, anyway. Instead of trying to prevent this, you might as well just create it now. (Or I could — but I couldn't provide accurate documentation in Portuguese.) - dcljr (discussão) 04h21min de 15 de março de 2013 (UTC)